As interest in Celebrity grows there is also a growing influence on how teenagers feel about their personal body image.

The increase has come about as more and more companies are trying to push people to embrace their curvy looks but the question is; are celebrities bad body images influencing these young girls to lose weight.

Celebrity slim has always been a concern to parents and health officials as the influence that celebrities has over young and teenage girls, especially, is very high. The other problem that is occurring is ‘Celebrity Worship Syndrome’. People with CWS will either suffer from ‘Low Celebrity worship’ which is a harmless worship of celebrities in which the person will read and learn about the celebrity or they will suffer from ‘Intense personal worship’ in which the sufferer will “exhibit borderline pathological behavior and traits of psychotics” says John M Grohol from online site ‘’. It is when intense worship takes over that sufferers will begin to follow the celebrities in other ways such as aspiring to look like them and weigh the same.

What doesn’t help are the pictures shown in the media and on television where very glamorous women are photographed looking stick thin.

Jayne an 18 year old student said: “I knew a girl who suffered from anorexia while I was at school, she was so focused on being stick thin that I think she lost sight of what it was doing to her body.”

‘Disordered Eating’ a Uk campaign against anorexia reported that “In the UK, 1 in 100 women aged between 15 and 30, suffers from anorexia. Reports show girls as young as five have weight concerns, and think about going on a diet” and “1-2 percent of young women are thought to be anorexic at any one time.”

Daniel a 19 year old student said: “Overly skinny celebrities are rancid, they encourage young girls especially to be malnourished.”

Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham are used to criticism concerning their weight. In 2007 ‘ reported that Victoria Beckham who is 5”6 was said to be about 6 stone 8lb and had a BMI of 15.3 which is underweight. Posh’s weight has worsened with News of the World’s GP Dr Hilary Jones saying in 2009: “When you see her shoulders looking bony, you look at the arms and see them so thin and legs that actually go in above the knee, we are talking about muscle wasting away – and that is very indicative of someone who is underweight.”

The pressure that young girls are put under to stay slim and the big influence that celebrities have on young girls is astonishing and it would be nice to see celebrities embracing their curves and then maybe CWS sufferers and girls who feel they aren’t happy with their personal body image wont feel pressured into losing weight.


Students go Celebrity

March 23, 2010

Star struck students up and down the country are hitting the high-streets to copy their favourite celebrity styles.

Shops such as Topshop, River Island and Miss Selfridge are profiting from students shopping habits and certain Celebrities are fronting the influence on the students’ new get-ups.

It is no secret that teenagers aspire to be like their favourite celebrities but lately there has been an increase in the amount of teenagers spotted wearing a dress like Pixie Lott or a top like Lady Gaga. So why the increase?

Daria Baniak, 20, who is studying in her last year at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College said: “I’m influenced heavily by Alexa Chung. I love her vintage style, Topshop is great for the Nautical and vintage look.”

Alexa is a fashion icon for her very simple vintage style. Alexa holds a strong position on the fashion scene; a former model and a regular at many fashion shows such as London Fashion week she has been listed more than once on ‘best dressed’ lists, so, there it’s no wonder why Daria is so influenced by her style.

Topshop is a big high-street fashion name. Students are known to shop in Topshop for their on-trend styles with affordable prices. Topshop worker Chloe Tate, 18 who is studying Textiles as a foundation degree said: “it’s fashionable but not extortionately priced, so shopping there is one of the best ways of saying ‘I look expensive’ without your outfit screaming, I shop at Primark!”

Bethany Proud, 17, who is studying at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form said: “I really love Kate Perry’s style, especially in dresses she always looks so immaculate. I love how colourful her clothes are. I like to jazz up a dull outfit with a bit of colour and I tend to try and co-ordinate. I‘m really into purple at the moment so I have the purple fringe and I like to co-ordinate with purple tights or jewellery. River Island is probably my favourite place to shop at the moment.”

Kate Perry is well known for her individual style but her use of bright colours has been noted and students such as Beth have adopted it as there own. Emily Raw, a second year said: “I absolutely love bright colours they just make an outfit look more glamorous than boring. I wouldn’t want to be seen strolling around in all black, it just looks dull.”

River Island has just become popular with students. More and more are flooding in to buy the affordable high street trends. River Island worker Joe Cocking, 18 said: “River Island doesn’t really stock clothes that are celebrity influenced as such, but some of the designs are similar to designs that celebrities do wear. When students shop at River Island its because the clothes are good quality high street fashions and when teaming them with other clothes they do look similar to their favourite celebrities.”

Katie O’Hara, an 18 year old first year college student draws influence from Kristen Stewart. Katie said: “I love her style its so laid back and effortless. I’m not really a girly girl so band tees and jeans work well for me.”

Kristen is not your typical style icon, she has been pictured many times in simple jeans and t-shirt combo’s and usually has her hair either down and natural or up in a scruffy ponytail, each of these looks work for her and seemingly for Katie to.

So, is it the students or the shops that are creating the celebrity influenced ensembles? Topshop worker Chloe said: “I don’t think Topshop is particularly influenced by celebrity styles; they draw their inspiration from catwalk looks and trends, hence why, at the beginning of each season, Topshop staff are given a look-book to assist the visual merchandising of the store. I think it’s when you choose items from different trends and mix them, that people start to mimic celebrity looks”

Either way it looks like the celebrity style is here to stay and with the backing of in-trend clothes from high street stores students can look forward to strutting their stuff celebrity style for a long time to come.

Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler to hook up again?We can all hope atleast.

Gerard is a heart throb and Jen is one of Hollywoods finest and together they would make one of the hottest Hollywood couples to grace starry stamped streets.
After all the heartbroken  Jen deserves a decent man in her life and according to Andy Tennant, director of their new film The Bounty Hunter: “When you have that chemistry [between actors] you’re like ‘Thank God!’ because they’re having fun on day 45 and day 65 and they’re still flirting.”

The pair are said to be getting very close on set and the chemistry between them isnt acted but real. The flirting isnt stopping there with the pair ellegedly continuing the flirting off set.

I hope that jen and Gerard get together and over take brangelina as the hottest Hollywood couple. Just think about Jenard…or maybe it doesnt have a ring to it but do these two really need the ‘brand’ to be the hottest…i dont think so.

I see Jenard vs Brangelina on the cards and I know who my vote is for!

 P.S. I think they’re film will be quite awesome to!

This is just a little behind the scenes video of Cheryl Cole on the set of her video for Parachute. I thought this was topical because of the following comments;

999lolgoaway (3 days ago) at youtube said: “ashley u thick idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! she (from most of her vidoes) seems sooooo genuine! fun etc AND shes GAWJUS!!!!!! u plonker! lol”

meggzzlettuce (1 week ago) at youtube said: “derek is not gay x i bet they will get together one day or if not at least he will be there to cheer her up while she gets over ashley x”

lovepout (1 week ago) at youtube said: “aw theyre so cute, see the way she looks at him 🙂 yeah i hope they go further now ashleys out of the picture, he would be so good for her <3”

nogginnia11 (1 week ago) at youtube said: “They look soo cute together…. she deserves sooo much better after all the hell that love rat put her through!! they are flirting like hell!! cute…x”

watchmewatchyyou (1 week ago) at youtube said: “i love derek..wayyyy more that so called husband of hers ashley…so sweet how he carried her off the floor..swept her off her really hope they explore some feelings now that her and ash are pretty much over”

After writing my blog post on Team Tweedey! I have been asking alot of people what they think of the Cheryl and Ashley rift and it does seem everyone is backing Britians sweetheart Cheryl.

You may have heard it advertised over the past week on Zane Lowe’s show on Radio one but Last night I was there.

Last night I went to Newcastle to the O2 academy to see Plan B, Futureheads and Courteeners for Radio 1’s first installment of ‘In new music we trust -live’. It was awesome! Zane Lowe was DJing throughout and the gig went live from 7.

Zane Lowe kicked things off with some dance/indie/rock and metal music and his own mix which had the crowd bouncing before the gig had even started. I never realised how good of a DJ he was until i saw him last night, lets just say he knows his way around a DJ deck.

Plan B came on stage at about 8 and provided abit of soul. All dressed in suits and sporting 3 backing singers and a full band consisting of two guitarists, one bassist, a drummer and a keyboardist. They were amazing.

Courteeners came on stage looking there coolest, their music was so good. Although, courteeners are the band i know least  when they started playing their music I seemed to know the words to the majority of their songs, for example “Your just like plasticine being molded into a libertine dream…” to which everyone started to jump around and go crazy to.

Futureheads were headlining and when you saw them you could understand why, they were charming, quirky and fun. There music got everyone dancing, singing and jumping or ‘bouncy bouncying’ as lead singer Barry Hyde called it, and i got to the front which was cool.

To be honest, all in all, it was just one very amazing gig and I extremely enjoyed it!

Where’s chesca?

Team Tweedey!

February 25, 2010

After news that Britains sweetheart Cheryl Cole is leaving her cheating husband Ashley Cole, it begs the question is there such thing as a happy marraige anymore?

The Independant online said: “Record numbers of couples are expected to end their relationships this month as lawyers report a boom in divorces.” (Independant)

This boom comes as John Terry cheats on his wife, Jen and Brad are still in a love rivalry, Cheryl divorces Ashley and Maddonna dates someone young enough to be her son after her divorce to Guy Ritchie last year.

But, in all fairness if i was in Cheryl Coles (Now Tweedeys) shoes I would have divorced him a long time ago. Cheryl has had a bad marraige to the Chelsea FC star and she does deserve better and this is coming from me and I am not her biggest fan.

To be honest this has been coming for a long time, I saw cracks appearing when i read articles about how Cheryl had spent New year with her mum 1000’s of miles away from Ashley when he was appearing in court and how she had only spent one day at Christmas with Ashley, choosing valentines day to fly out and practice her songs….you would have to be blind not to notice it all.

I hope that Cheryl Tweedey can find someone who suits her better and itsn’t a lying, cheating ‘scum-bag’. I’m following Team Tweedey.

Thin or Curvy? CURVY!

February 22, 2010

My dad picked me up today and thinking that I constantly read every single news story published in the world every day he said: “Did you read that about Victoria Beckham? Shocking.” To which I replied: “Sorry Dad i dont know what your on about..” But after telling me this it got me thinking. Apparently a newspaper of sorts had published an article in which it stated that Victoria Beckham had in her own choice of words said that Children, teenagers or even grown women do not starve themselves end up anorexic because of celebrities think image. This actually struck a nerve.

1. Children and Teenagers, especially, aspire to be like their celeb hero

2.If their celeb hero is a skeleton, then these children or teenagers are going to starve themselves to be like that

3. A super skinny, brown, air brushed celeb is a BAD image to these teenagers and children because REAL women do not look that perfect all the time

4. My dad is a very wise man and he looks like Ross Kemp and he likes Bruce Lee and everyone of my friends loves him, so when he said: “Men like women with curves who look natural” I think i will take his word for it.

Anoerxia is a very harmful disease. Stopping eating does not solve your complexes it just makes them worse. They destroy the way you look. Your teeth become rotten from throwing up, your bones stick out, you look malnutritioned and you feel even worse about your image then when you started this. I don’t know this from my own personal experience but I have read about this alot.

From the age of 14 to 16 I was taunted for being ‘overally skinny’ people would sarcastically tell me to watch my weight when i ate and would taunt me claiming i was underweight. See it’s not always good to be skinny. If i could have choosen my figure i would have had a few more inches here and there, bigger boobs perhaps and more curves around my waist, i would have liked bigger arms and legs, rather than the pencils I had.

I then read that Debenhams is introducing Size 16 models to its shops. GREAT. It is about time. In an article on the Telegraph online from 22/02/10 (or today) said: “Debenhams insisted that if customers liked the idea they would ensure more were used.” I say everyone like the idea, lets all write in and say yes to size 16, this might encourage younger people to ditch the diets and love food again. Who wants to be Posh ‘Skeleton’ Beckham? when you can be curvy, sexy and happy.

Jodie Marsh Effect

February 17, 2010

So it seems that the whole world has been taken over by Umpa Lumpas. Orange people basically. These people are formally known as girls, not all girls though, but girls all the same. Usually between 14 and 18 who feel the need to slap on a whole tub of Dream Matt Mousse in caramel when they’re definitely natural ivory. These girls who lay on the fake tan thick, and i know i fake tan like the best of them but at least i know when enough is enough.

It does beg the question what is the big attraction with orange skin, it doesn’t look sunkissed and beautiful like it says on the bottle, it looks like you have been rolling around in a bath tub of orange juice and fermented there for a while. I was on facebook just the other day and there are groups upon groups that are very against orange skin. One reads “Oi slag, the umpa-lumpas want their facepaint back!” To be described in this way can’t be nice and the pressure on these girls to look like their favourite sun kissed celebs is piled on thick for girls of all ages.

However, sometimes fake can be good; fake hair to add ‘bumf!’, fake eyelashes to add glamour to a night time look and fake nails for the same purpose. But, adding all of these together and a nice umpa lumpa tan isn’t glamorous at all. I am going to call this the Jodie Marsh Effect.

Why not go down the same route as Girls Alouds Nicola Roberts? Ditch the orange and go more natural girls, you’ll feel so much better in yourself in the long run!

TheirSpace article

February 15, 2010

By Francesca Heath

Picture this: a room decorated in greens, creams; warm, inviting and not to mention huge. Now imagine the complete opposite.

Daria Baniak is living in that opposite. It is the actual Harry Potter bedroom from hell. It literally fits one single bed, a television stand and a box to shove everything into. The walls are pink and blue and Daria is definitely not a pink person. In fact, it’s her least favourite colour. There’s enough floor space for two people to sit cross-legged and uncomfortably.

One word to describe Daria’s feelings towards this room is hate. She absolutely, undoubtedly hates this room. What makes her hate it more is because the room she should be in is decorated in greens, creams; warm, inviting and not to mention huge. To put it into context, she was supposed to be getting an attic conversion and now Daria finds herself in what can’t even be described as a room, for a bedroom.

Of course it’s not all bad. She’s managed to find positives from her small room. After all less space means less to tidy. She managed to find some company in her small space to: her cat. Her cat, which has decided that the little space left under Daria’s bed, is now hers. To a cat it’s the perfect space to scratch and sprawl. However, Fella, the only Polish speaking English cat I know, is a kitten and does love to jump around and play. So two share the Harry Potter space.

The room doesn’t really create any spark of interest. It’s a dull boring place with little to stimulate any kind of emotion. Daria commented: “I think it’s small and dirty and I really don’t like spending time in there.” There are cobwebs in the corners of the walls and ceiling, but they are too high to reach and the old chairs stacked messily at the bottom of her bed don’t look safe enough to stand on.

Clothes are stacked in piles under her bed, next to the cats’ little haven, clothes are stacked on the floor near the television stand, on hangers on the back of her door and on top of the messily stacked chairs. It isn’t exactly what you would expect a teenage girls’ room to look like.

On the very small windowsill there’s a camel ornament. It has been covered with necklaces and rings and bracelets. On the windowsill you will find; a glass vase filled with earrings and odd pennies, a pile of old cinema tickets and a few odd little ornaments from over the years. Daria said: “Everything is just everywhere! I hate it so, so, so much!”

The draws’ of the television stand are shoved full of grooming products, college work, underwear and anything else that will fit in. There’s a small mirror on the back wall but as Daria said: “You have to stand right back against the opposite wall to see more than just your head.” However, the opposite wall is stacked with clothes and boxes and it’s very difficult to stand against it.

There is one window that lets in enough light for you to just about tell whether it’s day or night. The window is the size of two average size pieces of paper stuck together. When it’s cold the window gets a horrible amount of condensation. The condensation drips onto the windowsill and creates a horrible damp smell. Her camel ornament stands on the windowsill. The bottom is wooden and water damaged. Daria said: “This room is only good for storage.”

When you stand in the room with the door open looking out onto the rest of the house it’s like looking into another world. Real oak flooring and modern features; cream furry rugs and warming colours covering the walls. There are tall flowers peeping out of shining pots and large bright windows letting in a beam of sunlight. A spiraling staircase that seems to go on forever runs down a back wall. The smell is fresh and flowery like a light perfume. Then you turn around.

The difference hits you immediately; the stale stench of damp, the irritation of dust rushing up your nose, the claustrophobic feeling that wraps around you, the vibration from your shivers thanks to the cold, the negative sensation from the dull colours and lighting, the annoyance of the little kitten hopping around your feet and the frustrating remembrance that you, Daria, just shouldn’t be in this room.


February 12, 2010

So, in my first post I said that this blog would be worth reading and I know that a picture of me and my friend pulling  fake smiles isn’t exactly interesting but Phillip from Mac 114 insisted we uploaded one photo so we know how to in the future.

Today has been one of those altogether boring days, I haven’t done much and I haven’t seen too many people.  However, I did make a cake and retrieved my seemingly unsellable prom dress. These very easy tasks were made difficult by the banging headache and sore feet I gained thanks to a late night out on the town with my friends last night. The night started off ok but as it drew to a close it became a tad boring. As my friend put it “I’m sober, i want to go home!” Although I’m not a real big drinker I do enjoy my nights out but since the closure of escapades, my local nightclub has become chav central, even when grabbing a breath of fresh air i witnessed one of these chavs push his fingers into one lads eyes in an attempt to threaten him.  

Yesterday, I heard that Alexander McQueen, major fashion designer to the stars, had been found dead at his home. Now, just to be clear until yesterday I had not heard of Alexander or his work but after looking into abit about him, because of sheer interest, I found out lots of interesting things; British designer of the year four times, named the “hooligan of English fashion” and was named head designer at the Paris couture house of Givenchy.(BBC News) Stars such as Kate Moss; Beyonce, Rhianna and Victoria Beckham paraded confidentley in his creations. WOW. The question is can the fashion scene survive without such a strong designer around? McQueen was the kid brought up in a working class society, was one of six and had a taxi driver for a Dad. But, his raw talent made him different from all other designers of his generation. I personally, now reading what I have about this 40 year old man, feel for him. Does this not show that fashion as a whole is important? It takes a normal kid and converts him into a fashion god. I’m sure that i’m not the only one that it saddened by his death but I think  his fashions will continue to influence other designers for years to come.